High Wierdness with Lightbox Plus

I just discovered this lovely bug this morning. Basically the regular expressions do some wierdness to links that remove the href from them and cause the xmlHTTPRequest to go into an infinite loop. I have a strong idea of where the problem is and hopefully will issue a fix soon. My apologies to anyone encountering this problem.
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Lightbox Plus updated to version

I’ve just updated Lightbox Plus to version which addresses some IE issues that slipped through as well as a glaring issue with the way the backend code rendered JavaScript for the front end.  I also discovered that is was not possible to save setting if you were using SSL for the adminstration side of WordPress.  Change log after the jump.
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Outstanding Lightbox Plus Issues

There are a couple of outstanding issue with Lightbox Plus that I hope to address this weekend.

  1. Can’t change to another style besides shadowed.
  2. IE specfic stylesheets not loading correctly in shadowed and elegant themes.

I will have these fixed this weekend and release version addressing both of those issues.

Lightbox Plus version 1.6.9 Released

I’ve just released version 1.6.9 of Lightbox Plus.  It addresses a couple of issue that became apparent rather quickly.  Here’s the changelog:


  • Fixed problem with styles in IE 6/7/8 not working under various circumstnaces (hopefully)
  • Added the option to disable Lightbox Plus from adding it’s own styles allowing the user to place Lightbox/Colorbox styles in their theme stylesheet and reduce number of files loading.

You can find downloads for Lightbox Plus at wordpress.org and 23systems or download [Download not found] directly.

If you require support you can go to the Lightbox Plus message board.